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What makes a Gal Friday?

Throughout my life, I’ve had the opportunity to absorb the knowledge and culture of some of the world’s most iconic places. An LA/Hollywood childhood, UCB artist education, long-time residence in NYC, and numerous European globetrotting expeditions have made me cultured as hell — and ready to attack any challenges you throw at me. 

After doing hard time at boring low-paying gigs, I decided that I’d had enough. I started a web design biz, took my talents on the road, and began living my dream of being a location-independent digital nomad. Whether it’s website design, virtual assistance for any number of tasks, or simply helping out with your out-of-control digital lifestyle, I’m ready to destroy that to-do list and wrestle your stress into whimpering submission.


Send a message and tell me what you need assistance with. I’m here to help! Or schedule a call and we’ll talk it out. I can’t wait to get started!